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Environmental impact

Here at The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co. we take our impact on the environment very seriously. This is why, wherever possible, we try to use recycled or recyclable packaging for our products.  We have compiled a list of the main packaging products that we use and details about them below:

Hamper trays and Café range packaging: The material that is used to make our hamper trays and the packaging for our café range is recyclable.  Our supplier also has a BRC certification.

Plastic Trays:  Our pizza trays are made from recycled food grade APET which is then recyclable at the end of its use. It is part of recycling group 01.

Plastic film over pizzas: There is no recycled material in the film that we use but, where waste occurs in a clean, uncontaminated form, the film can be recycled into polyester fibre. 

Pizza boxes: Our pizza boxes are made of 75% recycled material and are recyclable. Our supplier also has an FSC certification.

Outer boxes: The cardboard outer boxes that we post our products out in, is 100% recyclable and 100% bio-degradable as well as being made from over 80% of already recycled material. It is the single most environmentally friendly packaging currently available. Our suppliers are also certified by the FSC and are part of a group wide FSC certification scheme that requires them to be audited individually as a site. They also have an energy accreditation.

Cocoa Sustainability: We use high quality Callebaut Chocolate as the basis for all our our chocolate gifts. Please click here to read more about our chocolate makers' sustainability credentials and how they are helping cocoa farmers to achieve a fair deal.

Palm Oil: We have a number of products on our website that contain palm oil - predominantly those products containing fudge. We are happy to confirm that our fudge and chocolate suppliers acquire their palm oil from sustainable sources and can provide certification to help support this. Should you require any further help on this subject please don't heistate to contact us on 0115 989 4254 or email:

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